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Great post! I came a little later to the party, but not by much (June 2013), which means I'm coming up on 7 years. Still a beautiful car and the Shadow paint (a name more appropriate for a grey color than a tan one) still sparkles. I've only ever washed it myself, but I see some swirl marks now and wonder if some kind of wax/detailing would help (though I always toy with the idea of wrapping it, though putting $3-4K into a car worth about $30K doesn't make a whole lot of sense, especially since I like the Shadow color anyway) - anyone know about this?

My son is now learning to drive, and says he prefers the Fisker to the Tesla, but to me the model 3 is so much easier to drive, and the 'tablet' satellite map and stereo make the Fisker's CIU seem ancient, which is why I'm also torn by the idea of buying a Model Y as a second (more practical) car. It highlights the dire need for a new info screen (something higher-res, more responsive, apple carplay would pretty much satisfy most needs). Has anyone found a SIMPLE solution to this (I know powersource was said to be working on this, but I think the numbers wouldn't allow them to come up with something affordable)?

The range on my battery is still excellent though. I rarely drive more than electric range, but on a recent trip across town, in slow (but not stop-and-go) traffic on the highway, I drove the entire 53-mile round trip with just the last few miles on gas, so I am still getting astonishingly good range (I would guess 45+ miles of the 50 stated, which was never even 'real' to begin with).
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