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Originally Posted by B. Surm View Post

Today I pushed the Fisker to the limits of energy preservation. In sport mode I ran out of gas and battery voltage. The strange thing was that the battery symbol became red likewise the gas symbol, but the range stayed at 12 km all the time. The range didn't go below 12 km??? After some kilometers the car lost power and I was driving in some sort of turtle mode. I just made it to a fuel station. After fueling up the ICE kicked in directly and after driving 4 km the battery symbol was again in white. The ICE made more 'rounds per minute' which implies it was recharging the HV battery at the time. At this time the car is recharing at my house at 220V, 10 A. I hope i didn't damage the HV battery...

Has anyone experience with the above encountered situation of total fuel and battery depletion? (I can confirm the total gas volume is 38 liters)

I don't think the 12 km ~ 7,5 miles remaing is the real remaing range. Any thoughts about that?
You canít run the battery to zero thereís a % of battery that is reserve
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