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Originally Posted by rosssr View Post
Much to my delight, my sports club installed car chargers last fall.
When I first started using them, I would get about 10 miles of range per hour, which was significantly better than I had previously experienced at charge point or blink etc.

Recently however I am only getting 7 miles of range per hour.

Any ideas as to why this may be?

And secondary question, lately when in stealth mode, I seem to be using more miles to go the same routes I know well to the office or to the club.

Everything else is running as before, and I have no cel light or any other issues being signaled to me.

Any ideas?

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Reduced charging can be caused by other EVs using nearby chargers.

Besides my beloved Karma, we now have a 2020 Model 3. On YouTube there are Tesla videos explaining how this phenomenon is occurring even at superchargers. The Tesla suggested solution is to charge during less popular times or to use a different charging location.

Also, reduced range in cold weather is normal.
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