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Originally Posted by Nicnott View Post
Thanks SirClastic !
On my karma, I have 12.46V between the red terminal of the apm and mass body but no contact in the car ...
Can apm be involved?
Someone would have ideas? I despair !
Help me !
You should read 12,60 volt or more with a fully charge battery.
The car's computers, relays, etc. needs a high-quality 12-volt battery with high cranking amps (CA) to work properly and overall performance.

I suspect that your 12-volt battery has voltage but no amps, you better review your voltage-ampere relationship by conducting a load test.

The APM module will charge the 12 volt battery and provide power to all 12-volt system components when the ignition is on. The high voltage battery is mainly used for propulsion but at the same time an integral part of the overall system.

Also, remember that there are 400 volts direct current in some of the parts that you are troubleshooting. The main fuse for the high-voltage battery is located under the left rear seat.
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