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Originally Posted by Nin ja View Post
Last I heard he Atlantic was 95% done, why was that not brought to market? Also an easy win would of been to make the Revero a Coupe (larger front doors, better seating etc) and for god sake, build the Sunset and Surf after you fixed the engineering of the original Karma -- those seemed like low hanging fruits. If Elon could do what he did with pure technical and business skills, maybe the auto industry should take some queues from Tech Entrepreneurs ? just saying!
We know that Fisker was unable to bring the Atlantic, Surf and Sunset to market because government funding was suspended at a critical time when political winds were changing. Assuming that Karma Automotive has the rights to those designs, and given the common platform of all the aforesaid cars, I think they did the right thing in getting that platform right before propagating design and production flaws into those models.

Then there's the general trend to move away from hybrids and go into pure EVs. Tesla, not necessarily Elon Musk, has shown the way there and everyone is trying to catch up. Fuel cells may be the future but EVs are the 'now' with hopes of solid state batteries next up.

So while we may see an easy win in the unbuilt Fisker designs, I'm not so sure the market does. Upgrading the technology in these vehicles and making them quality products that a low production volume would demand would be very expensive and we are already seeing that Wanxiang's willingness to invest more in KA is waning. I suspect that Wanxiang is waiting to see what happens with the trade war between China and the US, evolutions in battery technology and improvements in charging infrastructure to support widespread use of EVs. They're not seeing the demand for Reveros and are skeptical about the success of KA's brand-building efforts. Plunging into production of these other vehicles could be ruinous.

I'm not so sure that "Tech Entrepreneurs" are the right role models for the automobile company either. Silicon Valley's history is full of failed tech companies that had great technical ideas but could not execute on those ideas, disappointed customers with shoddy products and outright lied to customers about the products (features, quality etc.) in order to make sales.

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