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Originally Posted by jomak View Post
*** SOLVED ***

I figured it out driving today. I was driving with the wife and I noticed my lights were in the ON position. Then it hit me, I was messing with the lights as I was parked waiting for my son at soccer. I turned the lights to AUTO and the RED ring above the green EVer went away, the ring light went off. So I turned the ligts back on and ring went RED again, ah-ha!

When I parked with the lights on AUTO the car went off immediately as it should. Then I put the lights on and the car stayed on...that was it!

I am surprised no one here could answer this question, shocked! I can't be the only person who has noticed this. Anyway, file it away for another Fisker qerk
I'm glad that's all it was! I can honestly say I'm not sure the last time I changed the lights from Auto - several years surely -but I don't recall any lighting around the EVer ring. I wonder if that's new with one of the software updates from Karma Automotive. You may literally be the first person to see it!
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