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Originally Posted by Jljr View Post
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Best Charging station for my NEW KARMA
I am so excited to say I just purchased a mew to me “Used” Fisker Karma. It’s Beautiful!!
Question is they (Former owners) couldn’t find the 110vac convenience charger that came with every Karma and they didn’t want to part with there 208 16 amp they had.
So can Any of you guide me to what you know as the best Charging station out there for my Karma. I have available up to 50 amps at my box. Aa well does anyone know where I can buy an original OEM convenience charger? Thank you.
Hi. The convenience charger that came with the Karma has proven very unreliable and most owners end up replacing it at some point with a Clipper Creek or similar charger.

Regarding the 220 Charger, the best choice depends on a number of factors (of course), the main one being whether you want a portable one, or you want one that is permanently installed in your garage.

For a permanent installation, I recommend the Chargepoint Home charger. You can read about it here.

I am not familiar with portable Level 2 chargers, but I understand that there are a number of them on the market. Just searching for “portable J1771 Level 2” on Amazon will get you several pages of choices.

NB: Karma’s internal charger can only draw 3.3 KW (220V x 16A), and cannot use the charger’s capability beyond that. Level 2 chargers can provide 7.7 KW, which would be more than enough for a Karma. There is no need to pay for more expensive chargers that exceed that rating, unless you have another EV.
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