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Originally Posted by Az Runner View Post
I have a pretty good sized HV battery coolant leak. I hit a golfball sized rock that kicked under the vehicle, and must have hit something. I got home, parked, and the next day, had a good sized puddle just inside of and also just behind the left front wheel. Checked the fluids, and the HV Battery reservoir was empty.

Jacked up the Karma to try to find the source, but couldn't find the exact location. I plan to get more antifreeze to add to see if I can find the leak.

In the meantime, anything come to mind for a source? I am hoping it will be something that I can fix, as I have been told that we don't really have a mechanic in Phoenix any longer.


The only exposed HV battery coolant hoses are on the passenger side of the car near the sub frame there are two hoses . Look for the silver metal shield . The rest of the battery is protected are you sure the coolant is the battery. The battery is the center tank near the air cleaner housing
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