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Originally Posted by cemelli View Post
Hi, tks a lot on your feedback . Where to check Freon lvl or I have to take the car in the service?
You can take your car to any service station that service a/c.

I'm very particular about who I let service my vehicle outside of a Fisker Technician. Very few people understand how to service an electric vehicle, especially a Fisker. I like to fine a shop that will let me participate or at lease observe the service.

I raised the hood and located the low pressure and high pressure side of the air condition before I went looking for shop so that I could at least give the impression that I know a little about what I'm talking about. I drove down a main street in the Detroit area until I seen a service station that had a sign up that said auto air condition serviced here.

I picked a service station that appeared to not be that busy. It cost me $79.95 plus a $20 tip.

I explained to the technician that the air condition is electric driven and not driven by the engine. I explain the function of the ICE.

They hooked up their machine to the low and high pressure side of the air condition and immediately was able to tell me that I needed Freon. They pressure check the system for leaks to make sure there was no leaks. They evaluated the system and charged it up with Freon. It took about 1 hour.

When the service was completed he ask me to turn the system on and let it run on high. I put the car in drive held the brakes and press the accelerator paddle to the floor to force the ICE on. Put the car in park and let it run. Within a short while the A/C was freezing cold.
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