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Originally Posted by Wdavidkl View Post
Arkan, I've been dealing with the same issue for almost a year. My charger stopped turning off. After having the battery checked, it was determined that 2 of my cells were bad. It was recommended by my mechanic to drive the car each time unit the battery is completely drained and then plug it in. I was getting a 50 mile charge after 14 hours of charging at which time I would unplug it, but when driving, the battery power would drop off when there was about 22 to 25 miles left on the charge. This has been going on for about 10 months. Recently I've noticed that my charger is once again turning off after a 14 hour charging cycle and what's even better, the battery power doesn't drop off until 12 to 14 miles are left. A lot better than 22 to 25 miles. I only have 21k miles on my car. So far the best price I've found for replacing the entire battery was $14,000. I'm holding off until the battery isn't charging anymore.

You also may consider a battery upgrade with a 60kWh battery from Powersource

Although I don't know what the actual status of availability is.
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