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Default Fair price to pay for a used Karma?

Hey all. I'm looking at a used Karma today that appears to have a few issues. Here are the seller's notes:

Tech said the main hybrid battery would need to be replaced if the check engine light goes on, which happened.

They also said the test control module needs to be replaced.

The small battery was recently replaced.

I once pressed the accelerator (flattened it) and the car stopped working. The rotating band had come apart, so it was replaced. Since then, a couple few times the engine was smoking and rattling and we took it in. It stopped but it may start up again.
I'm assuming in the last paragraph he's referring to the coupler that often fails. So it seems at least that's been replaced but the car needs an HV battery and the engine issue is concerning though he mentions it stopped and if we were dealing with a catastrophic failure like some have seen on the engine, it wouldn't stop. So I look at that as a silver lining. I've got experience with salvage Teslas but nothing with Karmas. I just love the way the car looks and figured if I could get it cheap enough it would be an interesting project. So the question is what's a fair price to pay for this?

There are a lot of unknowns. I don't know if it drives in any fashion right now but I'm assuming it doesn't. It does turn on and boot up though. No idea on any codes or readiness lights though. I will know more on that when I look at it.

I guess the question is, what's the going rate for a Karma with 35k miles in an inoperative state? What would you offer? He doesn't want much for the car to begin with but before I say how much he does want, I'd like to hear what you guys think it's worth so I'm not skewing anyone's opinion.

On a side note, even if it needs an HV battery, is it possible to operate the vehicle in range extender mode regularly or will it just not operate after enough of the modules in the battery fail?

Speaking of the battery, does it use an array of generic cells like the Model S/ X or is it using propriety packs?

Anything else I should look for with the car?
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