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Originally Posted by Harleyguy View Post
The high pitch more than likely is the power steering pump. The least of your problems right now is the charging issue .
You need to do a hard reset if the green ready light is flashing your car wonít go into gear or run.
After you do the hard reset see if the ready light is still flashing if it isnít then try putting the car into drive . Reduce performance usually is a HV battery problem . If you miles to zero have been dropping faster then before that will account for many of your problems right now .

Hard reset, is popping the hood and taking the large black cable pulling it apart and letting it sit for 5-10 minutes before resetting the car correct? If so I have done this one too many times the last few days, the flashing ready has yet to leave, the gears sound like theyre grinding when they go from neutral to park. The battery life has been better than usual actually up until this happened. The car will always turn on, just ice will not seem to kick. I had this issue occur a few weeks prior this, rolled it to a charger unit on vacation did what I think is a reset and the car worked and this happened nearly a couple thousand miles later. thank you for replying
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