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Default Fisker broke down, towed, need help...

Unfortunately I’m back with another major issue, last night while going out to dinner, my karma just shut down at about 60mph with the reduce performance error, all miles and battery life dropped to zero, rolled into a parking lot a quarter mile up to street, car will not drive, gears only go to park and neutral. After a few reset attempts on the side of the road, the reduce performance went away and now it says car has 260 miles range and 11 battery with a flashing ready, it was only 120 total before the issue. Prior that day I was getting a lot of misfires, oil change, bulb failure and washer fluid which were all recently changed turned it to sport aswell for nearly 5 miles. Today I was able to get it towed successfully back to the house, car will still not turn on and car will not charge, attempted to put the charger on the car it did the click, then immediately clicked offer and afterwards kept doing a strange click on and off until the charger was pulled out, now when the charger is plugged in I get no sound, no click, no charge. I tried to power the car on, it goes to green but ice doesn’t seem to kick in but it makes this awful high pitched noise inside of engine bay, I have recorded a video and uploaded to YouTube.

This is my daily driver and I love this car... really need to know how to proceed to fix this, thoughts are maybe it’s the coupler? But why would the battery not charge? Miles currently 30,600 check engine light has been on for a week prior but no driving issues at all

What’s next? Thanks everyone. Forums a life saver...
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