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Originally Posted by rosssr View Post
i have read some of the threads on this general subject but they dont seem to offer any easy current solutions.

my exhaust sounds terrible now. on start up it sounds like a big popcorn popper, and it also makes funny ticking sounds etc. once the start up portion is past, it settles down, but then i have harmonic rattles at various rpm's, and if i push the accelerator far enough in EV of course it kicks in again and sounds horrible.

i guess my options are:
- replace it with an oem if i can find one.
- replace it with the better oem if i can find one
- have it repaired by a local specialist
- have the fabricator/specialist build an entire new one.

what do the oem's cost?
anybody have one?
are they difficult to swap out?
does it have to be done by a karma savvy tech, or can anybody do it?
is that worth doing if they will go the same way as the present one sometime down the road?
Best solution is buying a OEM and yes it can be installed by someone that has some mechanical ability. Worst case is to have the old one repaired but thatís a patch.
Last time I checked and itís been a while an OEM one has to be around $1600.00 if you can get one locally Joe should have one in stock
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