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Originally Posted by T.I.R View Post
Hi guys.
Ive got a ticking sound from my front wheels.
Sounds loud and clear when Im turrning the wheels in very low speed, like in a parking lot. Nothing when Im driving straight ahead.

I just lifted the car, and turned the wheels by hand, and I think that I can hear a little tick tick tick when I spin the wheel.

Does anyone have experience of this?
Can it be the bearings?
I will also test all bushings, but I dont think that it can make that kind of ticking sound.

Help please.
Thank you.
I have some good news for you. Your problem is most likely something common and easy to fix: your lug nuts. Replace the ones you have with magnacoated lugs and everything should clear up. If you search these forums for "Lug nuts" or "Clicking sound" you'll find plenty of discussion about it, including this one:
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