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Originally Posted by Sportsmeddoc View Post
Have messaged a few PM so I apologize for redundancy but thought all should know any issue. 1. A/C Air vent motor stuck blowing air to windshield. Blows cold and cabin cools even in hot AZ sun but not efficient of course. Fixable without replacing entire motor ( as I understand this requires entire dash to be removed)?

2. Car starts no issues- a few minutes into driving with full battery charge, car starts to lose acceleration then a few more minutes, it has none at all. Last year had same issue and stalled out on freeway. Had battery cooling fans replaced here in AZ by COREY- no issues until yesterday and same issue again. Soft or hard reset lets it work for 1-2 min enough to move car a little. Luckily was not far from home and car is garaged. Corey lost his scan tool- I think he has one on order but any ideas of ALL possible causes- especially since fans replaced last year. IF battery module needs replaced WHO DOES THAT?

Would hate to sell as I am original owner- have had and love this car since FEB 2013. 36,500 miles AND just put new tires on last week! But it may go up for sale as is if no quick fix
Sounds like a compound issue, The battery losing range is a battery module issue but the car not driving at all sounds like it could be an issue with the water pumps for the Inverter cooling side. The batty cooling system does not have a fan or a radiator, it uses an A/C powered heat exchanger and a water pump. The EV drive side is is cooled by 2 small radiators and a fan (im guessing this is the one you had replaced) and that side has 3 coolant pumps. If one of them stops circulating coolant the inverters get too hot and shut off.
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