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Originally Posted by morphius88 View Post
Hi Fisker Community,
Been enjoying the car for the last few weeks but now I have a new unknown problem. Hoping someone here can help.
Ive got 3 codes that popped up: P0A7B, P1C03 and P1200
P0A7B seems to be a general code that the car is requesting to show the check engine light (from my search here)
P1C03 is a battery balance issue? not sure what that is
P1200 got me stumped...exhaust issue?

Car seems to drive fine and charges fine, all the way up to 50 and down to 0 as normal, no massive drops in battery range. Appreciate your insight. Thanks
Cod P0A7B is the control unit for the HV-battery requesting MIL due to a problem within the HV-battery pack itself. The actual problem (P1C03) is battery module 14 (bottom front module in HV-battery pack). It could very well be the battery pack being out of balance and I wouldn't worry too much at vis time especially sins it is the first time and there is no massive drop in battery range.

Clear the fault codes and cycle the battery pack a few times (drive down to cero and recharge to full). If the fault cod P1C03 persists you clearly have a weak module (no. 14) in your HV battery back.
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