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Originally Posted by SirCastic View Post
Diagnose the HV-Battery problems with an OBD2 Scanner, gives an rough estimate of the problem. You need someone with a Fisker Karma WDI (Prodis) to pinpoint the exact problem.

Cables (your picture)
Red to the front (red = heat).
Blue down to the electric Air Conditioning compressor (blue = cold).
The “unmark” cable is connected to the Accessory Power Module (APM) (your inverters are located in the rear end)).

By the way, I really hope that you have disconnected the 12-volt battery connector (– Negative, Black) and that the MSD is completely pulled off and stored while you work on the car…

Thank you so much for your help! I was able to plug back the cables in. But I am having a problem where electricity is not being fed through the 12-volt system to the car, which makes the windows, display, etc. not work. I have connected electricity directly to the car and everything works fine. But a couple days back I was plugging in the 12-volt and a spark was produced, and I unplugged immediately. I was wondering if the car had a safety measure where it would cut the electricity from the 12-volt to the car. If not, what do you think it could be?

Also, it is giving me the power steering symbol on the dash, and when I check there is no electricity going into the power steering. Does that have something to do with he 12 volt as well?

Again, thank you so much for your help!
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