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Originally Posted by Poche032 View Post
Hi everyone, I'm a brand new Karma owner and this is my first post on this site. I had just taken delivery when my first foray in Karma issues popped up. I had to ship the car to the Atlanta dealer for service (had to replace the AC blower motor, new 12V battery, oil change and software update) and then drove the car back to Nashville. A couple days later, the car was completely dead.

I first thought the key FOB battery had died, but still nothing after replacing it. When I got into the car, the AC vents were blowing (preconditioning?) which then led me to think the 12V battery had been drained. So, attempted to jump start the car, but the best I've gotten was the initial boot up on the instrument cluster before the car shut off again. I've tested the new battery, and it's reading 13V, so something else seems to be the culprit. Other tidbits:
-- the key FOB originally would light up the center stack on 'unlock commands', but doesn't unlock/lock any doors or pop the trunk
-- no more ac vents blowing... and
-- now, all that lights-ups on the car is the 'P' in the center stack and the 'charge cord' instrument cluster light indicating the car is plugged-in. The key FOB lock/unlock commands don't register any response from the car
-- WIERDEST item: my phone recognizes the Karma bluetooth connection when I'm in the car!!!???

What am I missing on this situation???
When you get into the car does the instrument cluster light up for a few seconds and go out ? Thatís without trying to put the car into ready mode. Also what happens when you put the car into ready mode does the touch screen light up does the cluster stay lit do you hear the Tron noise
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