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Originally Posted by mattb15613 View Post
#1089 Eclipse.

My 12 volt battery was needing charged about every three days. I decided to have a new interstate installed. Sure enough, 3 days after installation the battery was dead again. I charge it up to 100% and in 3 days like clock work it is dead. I drive it about 25 miles per day with no issues while driving. Not even so much as a light flicker. I jump in on the 3rd day and cant even open the door. Some other things I have noticed: When driving in sport mode the battery high voltage battery does not charge, in fact is slowly depletes. Is there any chance I blew a fuse during charging? or possibly a relay? Hate to think that it is the APM. Thank you so much for any help. Matt
The HV voltage battery isn't charged by the car in any mode the only time you can increase battery voltage is in Hill mode.
You need to find out what's drawing voltage in the car or whats easier is checking the output of the APM.
I would start with checking the APM output one common draw was the CIU wasn't shutting off.
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