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Originally Posted by non sequitur View Post
Itís difficult, yes, but comparisons can be made between an Apple and a banana.

Bart: on the topic of comfort, I would say the Tesla would be my preferred vehicle for a 2+ hour ride, for these reasons:
1. Electric range - Iíve taken four 2.5 drives in the Tesla, and each used about half of the 320-mike range of the car (in other words, itís an all-electric ride, whereas in the fisker only 20% (40 miles) of the ride would be electric).
2. Reliability - when the karma runs out of charge, things can get funky (like the a/c not working). If I was stuck in the side of the road 2 hours away, Iíd rather be in a Tesla.
3. Adaptive cruise control/lane change warnings/autopilot - all these make the ride more automated/less tiring, and safer.
4. Entertainment - the audio quality, and the programming (built in podcasts, satellite radio, on demand music) makes the ride more enjoyable. Yes you can plug your iPhone in to the karma and have similar functionality (which is why this is #4 , not #1 ), but the Tesla experience is just easier to manage while driving.

The karma is undoubtedly the better looking vehicle, and because neither car has gears theyíre both smooth rides in city traffic, but the Tesla is more comfortable and reliable and what Iíd drive on a 2-hour trip. For many of the above reasons, when both cars are home on the weekend, I find myself taking the Tesla for short haul trips also (the Karma is becoming more of a museum piece I have to preserve, not drive needlessly - it also gets banged up in parking lots because itís so front-forward and low fascia)
Thanks, interesting comparison, for now I will keep my reservation for the model 3.

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