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Originally Posted by non sequitur View Post
At the request of another member, Iím posting my experiences as an owner of both of the captioned cars. I know there were owners of both 2012 and Model S cars, which may be worth digging up also, since the 3 has many similarities with the S.

On looks I think the Fisker Karma is always going to be the winner: unique, head-turning, etc. I always wanted a 1965 corvette, and this car checks all the boxes with 50 years worth of better technology (and seatbelts).

Which leads logically to the contrast with the 3: the 3 is like the first iPhone, and the 2012 is like a Motorola razr, if that makes sense.

The Tesla is amazingly fun to drive: responsive, quiet, fast, and beautiful inside - sounds like the ugly friend someone wants to set you up with, but here itís not an ugly friend, but it will be as common as dirt in a few years (like the S), but Iím ok with that, because itís extremely fun and the tech is outstanding: one example as I sit in the 3 waiting for my kid to finish swim practice is the radio: stations are better than Sirius, and all free. You can ask the thing to play a song, and it can do it. You can type a destination into the gps lightning fast (or speak it), and itís all there in enormous satellite glory. Contrast that with the fiskerís gps, where your first entry is the zip code?! Then street name (not number)?! Who designed this?

So Bart: donít cancel your model 3 reservation. I have 2 reservations, and I may buy the $35k base version if Elon ever makes it. One fisker, on the other hand, is enough.
Thanks for your response. What about comfort of driving? Some reviews about the Fisker report on excellent driver comfort. Did you do long trips with the model 3, like more than 2 hours? How do both compare with respect to this?
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