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Originally Posted by jomak View Post
The car will still consume battery in Sport mode until I hit 27 miles. I guess you are saying your less screwed if you turn it to Sport mode to get heat then turn off the heat use the seat warmers and turn Stealth back on?

Anyone have steps if I understand it wrong?

Second, Would EV mode help or any mode you offer @PowerSource?
As I understand it, in Sport mode waste heat from running the ICE is used to warm the fluid reservoir used by the cabin heat much like it is in a conventional ICE car. In the Karma there is a secondary 'electrically expensive' mechanism to warm this reservoir in Stealth mode. The thinking is that using the ICE (Sport mode) just long enough to bring everything up to temperature then switching to Stealth with the heat still on is overall more efficient than Stealth mode alone using electrical heating only. This approach trades a little bit of gasoline for longer overall EV-only range, and also a warmer cabin quicker.

Under any regimen the seat heaters are still a better first-use option, which is why even the rear seats have heaters. Seat heaters are considerably more energy efficient than heating cabin air.

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