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Originally Posted by jomak View Post
I live in Atlanta and it's cold here, not freezing, but enough to turn the heat on, seat warmers, and to wish I had a heated steering wheel. What I have noticed is I get far less miles in the cold than I do in normal summer weather.

In the normal summer I would go about 9 miles and use 10-11 EV miles. When I go 9 miles now I use about almost double that. Is this normal for those who have owned the car longer and more experience driving in different climates?

I know to expect less in cold, but how much less is expected?
I saw the same thing when I was living in New Hampshire, and it got very very cold there. There are a lot of factors in play, including the efficiency of the battery in colder temperatures, and the additional demand for power for heating. If you are calling for cabin heat in EV mode, the heat has to be generated by an electric heater, which is a very inefficient use of stored power. If you stick with the heated seat only, it would probably save you a few electric miles. It's not really worth if for short drives like yours, but if you were driving longer distances and needed cabin heat, one option is to turn on Sport mode just long enough to heat up the engine coolant to the point where the electric heater would not have to be turned on. There was a thread on this started, IIRC, by an owner who lives in Alaska. May be worth a search ....
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