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Originally Posted by jomak View Post
Here's what happened...I was driving to have lunch with my girl and I parked the car in front of a 1772 Level 2 charger. It said some error on it, but I said let me plug it in and see what happens. Nothing! So I hang it back up and say that sucks, no charge for me. I had 3 miles left. I come out and get in my car and the dash flashes Ready and I see a engine picture light illuminated. Crap I say, I tried everything I could think of and then I popped the hood and had to pull that fuse over the passenger tire. Boom! Car boots up and starts.

Is this a hard or soft reset? AND Why did plugging a non functioning L2 charger cause this?
Hard reset. and you didn't pull a fuse, you disconnected the 12v battery negative cable by unplugging that connector.
When you connected a faulty charger (couldve been a number of faults with the charger including a ground fault) the car saw a connected charger throught the small pins in the connector called the charge pilot circuit. it did not see the correct voltage input so it left the contactors open. In your case, this likely threw an isolation fault through the charger and would not reset or re-engage the contactors until you rebooted via the hard reset.
Thats the technical explanation, laymans term is battery VOODOO...
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