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Originally Posted by betch23 View Post
Intersting Fabulist, since the forum was not open to non owners. When it finally opened to non owners, I asked about looming issues, under my first account.
This forum has always been, and remains, open to anyone who wants to join. I joined in April 2011, almost a year before I received my Karma. I found it by searching for "Fisker Karma" on Google.

Originally Posted by betch23 View Post

In addition, I contacted former owners and spent hours on this forum and google to uncover any issues.
Why would you contact "former owners?" I would think the perspectives of current owners who live with, and use, their cars every day would be a lot more relevant than someone who does not. Also, your claim about spending hours on this forum seems dubious since you just said a couple of sentences above that (you believed anyway) that this forum was for owners only. The buyer's Checklist thread was started in June 2013. If you had spent 10 minutes on the forum in the last two years, you would have seen it since it was made sticky and pinned to the front page since the beginning.

Originally Posted by betch23 View Post
So, what would you have done as an expert in research? Please tell me a little about your background since you feel so inclined to comment on others.
I don't claim any particular expertise in research, but have a passing familiarity with search engines such as Google and DuckDuckGO. But this is about you, not about me. After all, i am not the one that claim to have been a victim of "usery" by a post-bankruptcy entity that revived a failed car company because I could not be bothered to search for, I don't know, "buying a Fisker Karma" in Google where this forum would be the third or fourth result on the first page.

And, BTW, not thanks. I have no interest in "perpetuating" any discussion with you (do you have a word-of-the-day screensaver?). I have no interest in hearing you try to justify yourself. All I am interested in is setting the factual record straight, and my work here is done.

Edited to add: @Nin-Ja, Agreed. I am done with this thread also.
-- Fab.

Original owner of 2012 Eco Sport Black (Eclipse) with Monsoon Tritone Interior. VIN: -0641

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