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Originally Posted by betch23 View Post
Before I purchased, I asked many questions about the Karma, and guess how many mentioned the RDM and Chineses parts? You guessed it, zero.
Who did you ask, exactly? On this forum alone, there are two threads that are pinned to the Fisker Forum top page that prominently mention the RDM issue and the current Customer Support Program. They are:

Fisker Karma Buyer's Checklist


latest Information on Warranty Customer Support Program

In the former, the RDM/TM issues are the second item on the list on the first page, right after HV Batteries.

In the latter, the first post by @FiskerPhilly sets out in excruciating detail the CSP program set up by New Fisker after the BK.

Both threads include a number of questions and answers that clarify the various issues. in addition, there are a number of other threads like this one and this one from folks who are looking to buy a Fisker with very detailed responses by owners and technical experts. The RDM and Traction Motor issues are prominently featured on all of these discussions. It seems incredible that during your year of research, you could not uncover the only publicly accessible forum dedicated to the Fisker Karma and see all this information set out chapter and verse.

Originally Posted by betch23 View Post
For those of you without an ulterior motive, please disregard this post; the last thing I want to do is offend good decent people.
I am not sure what you mean about ulterior motives, but pointing out, factually, that you suck at research, and now want to blame someone else for your failures is not really offensive, just very very sad.
-- Fab.

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