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Originally Posted by betch23 View Post
Thank you but I beleive firmly in Corporate responsibility; the good and the bad, even if bankruptcy occurred.

Throughout all of these posts, I have heard blame thrown toward the old Fisker and the old suppliers. The long and short of it all is when the investors bought Fisker they were aware of the issues. When you buy a company you don't just take the good and not honor the bad; business ethics 101.

My belief is that we all should expect the New Fisker to honor the bad and not just capatilize on the good. While some may be okay with being used in this manner, I don't feel comfortable with usery.
I don't know what you do for a living, but I sincerely hope that it does not require understanding math, in particular the concept of risk. Unlike those of us who paid in excess of $110K from a company that offered a warranty, you bought your car after the company was sold through Bankruptcy. I am not sure what type of research you did, but the Bankruptcy records are all public and have been widely discussed here.

Anyone with even a casual acquaintance with the concept of risk would recognize that the huge discount in the asking price of the Karma represents the risk associated with buying a car without a warranty or support from an established company, as set out very explicitly in the Bankruptcy proceedings, So basically, you want the discount but don't want to live up to the risk when things don't pan out. In short, it's not New Fisker, it's you.

If this is too advanced for you, consider this: even after spending $10K - $20K, to fix the RDM, you will still have a much cheaper Karma that those of us who bought them new.

Finally, don't use a word if you don't know what it means. "Usery" is not a real word. "Usary" is a real word but it means charging excessive interest which has nothing to do with your situation. Either way, you look like a complete idiot (which of course you are not) by using that word.

Stop blaming others for your own ignorance and lucre (real word -- look it up). It's not the end of the world. Get it fixed and enjoy it. The New Fisker owes you nothing.
-- Fab.

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