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I'm sorry you've had a bad experience. It certainly is not reflective of my experience of 3+ years of Karma ownership or my interactions with the New Fisker. I am extremely pleased and frankly surprised by the level of support they have brought to the existing owner community they inherited. I think it is inaccurate and unfair for you to portray the specific issues with your situation as representative of the company in general, but of course you're free to do what you wish.

Your article is also factually wrong. The CIU is demonstrably not built on a Windows platform and if you would have spent even an hour researching in these very forums you could have discovered that. As for your ominous 'grave concern' that the new Fisker was not going to enhance the CIU there's absolutely no evidence to support your claim and plenty of evidence to the contrary. The new company has already announced a planned "Baseline 540" software release specifically targeted toward improving the CIU experience. I have no idea why you would expect the company to answer questions about its proprietary software and architecture but their refusal to do so is evidence of nothing.

I also do not know what you hope to accomplish with your 'article'. I'm not sure how fear mongering, damaging the reputation of the company or negatively impacting the perception of the brand (which impacts all of us owners) is going to achieve any meaningful purpose. Is your intention really to 'warn prospective buyers' or just to complain and provide fodder to those with an agenda to push?

Please do not presume to speak for me or other Fisker owners. I would hope you have the integrity to state clearly that your entire frame of reference is based upon your experience as a second-hand owner of one vehicle for less than a year and that you have no actual corroborating evidence to support your suspicions.

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