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@FiskerPhilly - as it ends up, JCMorrill lives near me. He drove the car over tonight and we were able to confirm his 120V Fisker charger is bad. I plugged it into a socket I've used with my 120V charger and the 1st light on top turned red. So I loaned him my 120V charger and he's going to test it out tonight at his house.

When the car was idling in Stealth, I had him change it to Sport and the ICE didn't turn on. We went for a drive and in Sport mode the ICE did kick in while driving as well as turn off occasionally with the auto-stop feature. I'm definitely not a Fisker mechanic, but the ICE sounded normal to me.

The CEL is on and stayed on between several starts and stops of the push button to start the car. I plugged in my OBDLink Bluetooth scan tool to see what codes are showing. I understand these are not as comprehensive as the Prodis scan tool but thought it might help you.

If I was reading the stored codes correctly, they were:


The pending codes were the same.

JCMorrill said he would report back to us in the morning to see if the car was able to charge tonight using a different charger.

He's also reached out to @Lormax and another local mechanic who used to work on Fiskers at the Penske dealership here when they were a Fisker dealer.
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