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I have no idea about technology but am just a Fisker owner an have the same concerns and thoughts as Heckeydad. Maybe that helps me to still believe that the progress in battery technology could help us in the next 2-3 years. I posted a while ago my example with the bunny: if you would have bought an electrical bunny ten years ago it would maybe hopped around for an hour with a new battery. If you put a new battery with today's technology in the same bunny it would hop around for 2-3 hours. Not higher but sure longer. that's just what I hope will happen with our batteries. so I like the idea of funding some money to invest in this direction.

Originally Posted by Hockeydad View Post
So I know I've written a few times about the potential to put in other battery technologies in the Fisker and the responses have been varied from ... impossible to not sure but as the average Karma gets older (mine is at 27500km), it is inevitable that we will need to replace the batteries.

Has anyone thought of how we can take advantage of any of the new technologies and battery types so they can be used in the Karma? No one else is going to do it for us so it's something this group really needs to do at some point.

Or perhaps we're just destined to having to replace increasingly broken down modules with the same thing at a high expense while other electric vehicles get the benefit of having much longer ranges and power?

Should we start a fund or something that would pay one of the technicians to start doing some research and work on finding a way to handle different battery types and how to adapt them to the Karma? People have brought up different issues like software, temperature control etc. but no one's actually done the work needed to see what the issues are. Perhaps temperature is an issue but can be solved with an adapted cooling system (since newer batteries may be smaller and have more density, there will be space for additional cooling?) or what the software issues actually are (all we're talking about is the power modules, not the power delivery system... you don't want to touch anything past where software becomes an issue, at some point there is a power transfer where you should be able to get a mechanical device that matches the voltage and power specs before it hits any software point).

All this is going to take some trial and error so someone should get paid for it and if we all pitch in together, we may end up getting a solution that gives us a car that can take advantage of all the new battery technology and we may finally see the day where we have over 500km battery range ... wouldn't that be cool?!

I'd be willing to pitch in and if everyone else does the same it would be a lot cheaper for all of us. I would suggest doing it in tranches where we get volunteers or a group of the engineers here to give us an initial budget and we fund it every 3 months so it's not some huge hit to the pocket book up front and we can see progress along the way. Those who participate get the benefit of the conclusions and the new battery technology, those who don't get squat ... any suggestions?

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