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Default RE: Maybe the 1st one there. But need find charger!!

Originally Posted by Evo-Z
I'm a Exporter, I sent a 2012 Karma over to china.
Car leaves US at May 30th, and finally get out of the chinese custom on Oct 15th.
The car sitting for over 4 month without driving. the main battery and small 12v battery all died out. use normally charger to get the Gas motor running, but it will start and die after 10 sec. the charger that comes with the car is not working in china's 220v current. it can be pluged in, and the green led lights on the charger works fine, but it just simply won't charge the car.
Tried contact Fisker and EVconnect, they do have 220v charger but it's designed for US 110v standard.
question is can those US spec 220v chargers be wired to work in China??
Any help will be really appriciated!
The main battery needs to be charged to at least 15% (3 KWH) before the car would work at all, even with the gas engine.

Is it possible to get a 220V - 110V transformer to use with the included charger? Something like this for example. The car only draws around 1600W when charging at 110V, so you don't even need a particularly big unit.

I used live outside the US and we had US made home appliances (Fridge, Washing Machine, Microwave, etc.) that worked just fine with the step-down transformers that were locally available. The other problem may be that US power operates at 60Hz, as opposed to 50Hz at other parts of the world, but since the battery charges on DC, this may not be an issue. I would suggest looking for a transformer locally since the ones in the US are all made in China.

Another option to see if you can buy a charging unit that comes with Fisker in Europe.

Finally, you could see if you can find a Chinese-made J-1772 compatible charger made for any other EV that uses that standard, such as the Coda sedan, Leaf, etc. As long as it is J1772-compatible unit, it should work with the Fisker.

Good Luck.
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