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Originally Posted by rex
I just want to confirm a few things with you folks, as I would love to get a little more range as I come back from my dealer with my 6.28 installation tonight:

Are you eschewing Hill mode entirely? Only using it as part of a stopping sequence (similar to a downshift, then going back in to D after you stopped), or leaving it H1?

I am really trying to get my head around why the regeneration of Hill mode, if used only as part of a breaking sequence wouldn't be a net benefit. (maybe it creates more resistance during the acceleration/maintenance throttle?

Thanks for your help. If I can get just 5 more miles of range, I can get home entirely in stealth. And, Friday I am going to the America's Cup in SF, and will have to burn fuel to get there, and i'd like to use as much electric range as possible.
Nice use of the word eschewing!

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