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Default RE: Right side passenger air noise

Yes that is the sound, but it's from the right passenger window

Originally Posted by SoCalGuy
Originally Posted by bigdaddyo811
I have had the air noise from the right passenger looked at by the dealer 3 times as well now by Fisker. They say they have fixed it, but it is still very noticeable when I drive over 60mph and it is not there on the left.

This is Fisker's assessment:
[size=small][size=small]The wind noise you are hearing can be more or less than the left rear at times. This is very common. Many factors creating any noise can be very different from one side of car to the other in the real world environment. In a wind tunnel perhaps, not so different. For example the tilt angle of the mirror inside the housing will create a different air turbulence than the left. Body panel and door fit differences will create a different effect. Trim pieces such as windshield garnish, wiper blade placement, and exterior trim placement will all impact the air movement around the car. I inspected all these during my repair sequence and found all to be in good condition. Not to mention that wind direction, traffic patterns, road surfaces and temperatures all play a part in this concern. During my checks and measurements all the window/door to the w/stripping are such for optimum contact to disallow any water intrusion. Any further adjustments would compromise that. All adjustments and overall noise emitting from the car is operating as designed.[/size][/size]

I just dont think that a 100k car should have a flaw like this. Has anyone else had the noise completely resolved or are you all just dealing with it?
I still have it - you're talking about the noise that sounds like a plastic bag flapping the wind, that comes from the left rear window?
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