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Whenever the ICE starts while I have the a/c on, the a/c starts blowing hot air. This has been going on for the 6 1/2 years I had had the car. Fortunately, I just drive it around town, so I rarely have the ICE turn on.
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Originally Posted by mentat View Post
Thank you for the detailed information. After the cold air stopped working, I drove it home on the highway with the AC fully on and the air was still not cold.

Not sure if this is relevant but as I mentioned in my first post, I was sitting in the car in Sport mode when the cold air stopped working, though the ICE wasn't on. As I was sitting parked, the ICE kicked in and I'm almost certain that's when the cold air stopped working (+/- a few seconds). Could this be indicative of a blown fuse?

I am getting the car towed tomorrow to the Ft. Worth TX Fisker dealer so I should know more in the next few days and will update the thread for anyone else having a similar issue.
Sudden stop of AC could be blown fuse. Or if loss of refrigerant then likely the AC muffler hose broke off near the compressor (we've done dozens of them)
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On a related note, does everybody experience the periodic 30-second bout of the A/C blowing hot air and then returning to normal. Like it got tired, and wanted a quick break? It happens to me a few times a month and has been doing it every hot month for 3.5 years ... But since I live in such a hot climate, it always makes my pulse go up until it returns to normal.
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The old non-programmable HVAC units did that. Mine did, primarily when the ICE kicked in, but does not do that any longer after the 3rd repair. Is your car an early production? Have you had your HVAC updated?
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I wanted to loop back and update everyone on the issue. It turns out my power steering pump had a leak and it leaked power steering fluid onto the fuse box which broke (shorted?) a fuse that controls the AC fan. Sorry I don't remember the rest of the details. It was a $3200 repair FYI, hope the power steering pump doesn't break again!

On a somewhat related note, I've been noticing the A/C smell a bit musty. Does anyone have any recommendations for getting rid of that smell? It's worse if the car has been sitting around not driven for a few days.
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Mentat: that's an interesting end to the story, but so many other posts were from owners who (I hope!) did NOT have a steering pump leak to explain it, so I wonder if there is another cause?

I had the same experience this past May (BEFORE I downgraded my software to 320, if that means anything): as soon as I ran out of charge, the a/c blew hot air the rest of the ride home (30 minutes; not momentary at all).

Just one more reason to avoid running out of charge while driving, like Karma373 said.
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