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Default RE: Brake pedal and ICE A/C

Originally Posted by Charged in The OC
Originally Posted by kabalah70
I tried running the AC in Manual mode today and it was basically non-functional, turned it to Auto and Bam, worked like a champ. Guess they really never tweaked the software for manual operation, IMHO.
I've run it in manual a lot. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. You can usually adjust the fan speed but not the temperature. I believe that I have noticed that in manual mode (no A/C) it does make a noticeable difference in the range you get before running out of battery. So, in mild California, I would like to have fan and no A/C. Since there is no heat from a constantly running ICE, such fan should be close to outside temperature. But, I'm not sure that's what happens when you aren't in auto.

I guess I'll see what 6.15 brings.
I run the heat/AC mostly in manual mode. When I just want outside air, I hit Off and then -> to get air from the vents. I then adjust the fan speed manually, since Off sets the fan speed to Zero. The Temp is ignored because both Heat and A/C are off. This procedure to get outside air only works great when in Stealth.

When running in Sport the ICE heats the air because some duct is open, as explained in another thread. I haven't figured out the optimal way to defeat that, but I will experiment once I have 6.15 installed.

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