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Default RE: Brake pedal and ICE A/C

Originally Posted by Charged in The OC
OK, a couple of questions for you all:

1) When I picked the car up a month ago ( I am now over 1000 miles) they told me that the brake pedal only operated the friction brakes. However, we all know that the regeneration gauge on the dash shows regeneration whenever you hit the brake pedal...until you are below 10mph. So, does the brake pedal activate some regeneration before or in addition to the friction brakes? If so, what if you were a 2 foot driver and hit the brake pedal while still on the throttle?

2) I still do not have a 220v charger and drive quite a few miles so I run the ICE at least some almost every day. I have noticed that the A/C becomes warm when the ICE kicks in for a few minutes before settling out. This happens when I hit sort mode or when I run out of battery. It happens if I have the auto on or am just in vent. Has anyone else noticed this?

BTW, I love the car sooo much. I was looking at my Corvette Z06 today and lamenting how small the tires were and noticing that they didn't fill up the wheel wells. The Karma sts a whole new standard.
As for 2), my car does the exact same thing. I've tried everything such as recirc. /fresh air, auto mode, manual mode, but it always does the same.
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