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Fisker Automotive partners with Leonardo DiCaprio to promote global sustainability

Fisker Automotive and Leonardo DiCaprio today announced that they will work together to promote Global Sustainability, a cause to which both are deeply committed.

As an equity investor in Fisker Automotive, DiCaprio will participate in conversations on the auto manufacturer’s future plans for the advancement of sustainable, responsible vehicles. He will work closely with Fisker on marketing and promotional initiatives aimed at bringing attention to sustainability and environmental awareness. Fisker, in turn, will support the charitable work of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation around the globe.

“My foundation supports efforts to secure a sustainable future for our planet and all its inhabitants,” says DiCaprio. “I am delighted to be working with Fisker Automotive to promote this shared vision.”

In July 2011, DiCaprio received the first Fisker Karma luxury electric vehicle with range extender (EVer™), off the production line.

“The Karma sedan – Fisker Automotive’s first car – is built according to the company’s sustainable and Accountable Design™ philosophy, which represents a dramatic leap forward for the auto industry,” says Henrik Fisker, Executive Chairman and chief designer, Fisker Automotive.

“Fisker’s approach to responsible luxury goes well beyond minimizing fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions. Fisker uses renewable materials and the lowest-impact technologies at every stage of the engineering, production and marketing processes.”

The Fisker Karma sedan is a stylish, eco-conscious vehicle that was designed and engineered in the USA. New features in the Karma include reclaimed and recycled interior wood trim from either California wildfires or the depths of Lake Michigan; animal-free interiors on the top-line Eco Chic model; the world’s largest solar panel roof; and “Diamond Dust” paint that uses flakes of re-cycled glass.

Established in 1998 by Leonardo and his family, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation supports efforts to secure a sustainable future for our planet and all of its inhabitants. The foundation works on a variety of environmental and humanitarian issues including Wildlife Protection, Forest Preservation, Healthy Oceans, Water Access, Disaster Relief and Climate Change.

  • EricD

    If Tesla and/or Fisker would really be serious about reducing fossil fuel dependence and emissions across the board, they would concentrate on making the car itself considerably lighter  and lower drag to begin with, don’t you think?

    There is a way. In fact there is a complete recipe, known as

  • Fisker

    Weight matters not if you use no fuel. If you want something that you can give to your kids (I.e. american muscle cars) it must be solid and strong. The drag numbers are amazing on the fisker. You could run over a tree and win…instead of a prius getting totalled of it hits a branch…not literally just figuratively…luxury rides are so due to nice heft…gravity doesnt hold cars down. Their weight does. And a not so bouncy ride is where its at…nothing feels safer at speed than heavy cars. And fiskers brake ensure no compromise there

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