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Fisker ranks No.2 in Dutch luxury vehicle sales

Fisker Automotive, the leading manufacturer of luxury Electric Vehicles with extended range (EVer™), today announced that it had surpassed BMW, Mercedes and Audi to become the second-highest selling brand in the segment for high-end four-door models in the first quarter of the year.

The Fisker Karma Sedan, launched in December 2011 to critical acclaim, out-sold the BMW 7-series, Mercedes S-class and Audi A8 in the competitive Dutch market, in the January-April period. It is thought to be the first time that an ultra-low emission hybrid car has outsold combustion engine rivals.

Tom LaSorda, Fisker Automotive Chief Executive, said: “This is a great achievement for Fisker and signals the potential demand in Europe, where we intend to sell 40 per cent of our output. It is an encouraging sign of progress following the Karma launch. But we have much more to do as we bring new models to market.”

The Fisker Karma, which emits just 53g/km of CO2, came second in Dutch luxury vehicles sales only to the Porsche Panamera. Owners of Karma models benefit from attractive tax incentives on the vehicle, reflecting its low emissions and the environmental benefits of its lithium ion batteries.

  • Flying_Dutchman

    You are referring to German cars, dude, not Dutch cars.

  • You have read it wrong Flying Dutchman!!

    It is referring to German cars on the Dutch market!!!

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