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Fisker Automotive expands reach in Middle East & North Africa

Fisker Automotive, the leading manufacturer of luxury Electric Vehicles with extended range (EVer™), announced today a significant expansion in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA). The US automaker has signed an exclusive agreement with the Al-Futtaim Group, one of the region’s most experienced automotive distributors, to build its sales presence in fast-growing markets for performance and luxury vehicles. Henrik Fisker, executive chairman, said: “Fisker Automotive is committed to changing the automotive landscape globally, delivering a more sustainable future through our products. It’s essential for us to compete strongly in the Middle East and Gulf region as the company expands outside America and extends its reach globally.”

  • Dale salatich

    Love our Karma!!!!! Seems the media and some politicians don’t want electric vehicles to succeed-I guess they want us to keep the oil companies comfy. 2400 miles  and we’ve put 10 gallons of gas in our beautiful inferno Karma The battery pack changeout and software update  have been perfect! Tha dealership was very accomodating and made the process easy. Keep up the good work. My friend and his wife just bought their Karma today here in Orlando on our recommendation!  Dale and Stacey Salatich

  • Order1

    we love our Karma too!  Not quite at 1k miles, but this car is a keeper.  The media and the politicians don’t sell cars,  I keep my dealer’s cards in my car I get so many questions.  Who knew being eco friendly could feel so good

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