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Fisker Automotive reinforces commitment to quality

Fisker Automotive has announced a significant upgrade to the VIP Customer Care Coverage included with the purchase of all 2012 Model Year Karma vehicles. This new initiative will apply both to existing and future 2012 Model Year Karma customers.

Fisker decided to make this enhancement in response to the fact that its high-voltage battery supplier, A123 Systems, discovered a latent manufacturing defect in some prismatic cells made in its Livonia, Michigan facility that could result in battery underperformance and decreased durability. As a result, A123 is replacing all impacted battery modules and packs for the Fisker Karma.

Read A123 Systems’ press release here or at

The enhanced customer care package includes:

A complete battery replacement at no cost for all affected 2012 MY
Fisker Karma owners

All North American customers will receive a full vehicle warranty
extension from 50 months/50,000 miles to 60 months/60,000 miles.

In Europe, coverage also will be extended from 48 months/100,000

km to 60 months/100,000 km.

Fisker CEO Tom LaSorda said, “The entire Fisker Team is committed to the complete satisfaction of our customers and their experience with our vehicles. As a new technology start-up Company, we have stepped up to many challenges in our short history as we have launched one of the most advanced electric vehicles with extended range in the world.”

Fisker has been working closely with A123 Systems regarding a high-voltage battery power loss experienced in one of our customer’s vehicles, belonging to Consumer Reports.

The problem was traced to the A123 battery pack by Fisker’s Quality SWAT Team. The top management from both companies immediately established teams to work together to find the actual root cause. Fisker Automotive’s CEO, Tom La Sorda visited the A123 facility to support this initiative.

“We especially want to thank our valued customers for their ongoing support and continued confidence in us,” said LaSorda. These “early adopters” have the vision to embrace this new technology and become brand advocates as we launch the Fisker Karma in the many markets around the world. To them, we say a special “Thank You” and know they will appreciate these added customer care benefits,” he added

Fisker will work with our distributors, retailers and customers to communicate the details and status of this voluntary battery exchange program.

In addition, Fisker’s Quality SWAT Team also has been working aggressively on the next generation vehicle software upgrade to improve the vehicle experience to customers, with a release planned in the next few days.

“We have delivered over 630 vehicles to customers in North America and Europe since sales began at the end of last year. Our customers continue to report the excitement they feel when they drive their Karma. The design is so unique that the car draws attention like no other; the electric powertrain is so quiet and the handling is exhilarating. We look forward to satisfying many more customers in the months and years ahead,” adds LaSorda.

  • ticked off owner

    I have a Karma and, after the “software upgrade”, continue to experience quality issues.  I got in my car today and it would not engage in drive or reverse.  Had to run the mile to my appointment from my prior stop.  Got back and it worked.  Crazy to have a car you can’t rely on.  The Fisker gang should stop spewing “quality commitment” speak and FIX THE [email protected]

  • Mommyalex

    I am driving one now and considering the car, but scared.  The engine light was on when I got it and I had to reset it.  Then it did it again where the car would not go in gear and the engine light was on.  The turbo rattles so loud you cannot have a conversation.  I love the car but I am VERY concerned about making a BIG mistake!  I have not paid for it yet so I have the upper hand as of now!  What is the outcome of your situation and what state are you in?

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